25 Random Facts About Me

I was invited by Amani 
to take part in the 25 random facts about me. 
So without further ado here are mine.... (bear in mind this took me ages to do because i found it really hard to think of any lol )

1. i LOVE cheese

2. my fav colour is lilac

3. i eat mars ice creams in the winter lol

4. i love my sleep (mum says i could sleep on a washing line) must of been a cat in a former life.

5. i have 3 children...2 girls & 1 boy

6. i love having my music up full blast & having a good dance about while cleaning (providing nobody is watching lol)

7. i would love another baby (but really want twins)

8. im starting training soon to be a teaching assistant

9.  im such a prude!!

10 . i want to move to austrailia (where they film Home & Away)

11. i have 2 brothers & 2 sisters

12. i love horses. have owned a few in my time, would love another 1

13. i dont drive but i sooo need to learn :o(

14. im very sensitive & emotional (too much so sometimes) 

15. i love playing bingo online (more than i should)

16. over the past few months i have become obsessed with comping

17. i love my soaps!! to the point where my sky box is full so i have to catch up online

18. our family cat is called Gizmo :o)

19. i secretly love minions

20. i also want a real life GIZMO from the Gremlins lol

21. i want to learn how to play the piano

22. i HATE starting the ironing (im ok once i get into it)

23. i have to plan everything to the last detail or i know i will forget things!

24. i start my xmas shopping MONTHS in advance :o)

25. last but by far the least......im lucky enough to have met the love of my life!!!

I nominate Laura & Claire
Good Luck girls lol x

Eleven Things Tag

I recently joined a group on facebook & was asked if i had ever been tagged in the "Eleven Things Tag" 

To be honest i had never heard of it so was a little unsure as to what i was getting myself into "would i be able to contribute" "would i make a fool of myself trying to do something i clearly couldn't"

So Lynette at reclusivefox.com kindly tagged me in her blog to do the "Eleven Things Tag" with her. 

So Lynette has given me 11 questions she wants me to answer & then i will set my eleven questions & tag other bloggers to answer then, and so on............ you get my drift (hopefully lol)

My Questions to answer..............

1.   Who is your favourite band in the whole world, even if they are a bit of a guilty pleasure.

I would have to say Eternal, their songs are amazing, i relate to them so much & their voices make me melt!

2.   If you could live anywhere where would you live & why.

Summer Bay - Australia. Watching it on tv makes me ache, i want to call that home......

3.   Who is your favourite person you follow on Twitter.

My boyfriend :o)

4.   Whats the 1 thing you'd love to do with your blog or vlog that your not doing yet.

Id love if companies asked me to use my blog for advertising......that would be AMAZING!

5.   If you could give your teenage self a single piece of advice what would it be.

Dont ever worry what others think, live your life how YOU want to & do what makes YOU happy.......your number 1

6.   Who is your favourite blogger/vlogger

To be completely honest i havent been blogging on this kind of scale before so im only just getting to know other bloggers,  but for the kind invite to get invloved in this i would have to say Lynette :o)

7.   If you could do anything for a living what would you do.

argh tough 1!!! either run my own stables...... or work with dolphins

8.   Who was your best friend when you were 8 & are you still friends.

Jane....& yes we are still close....shes my childrens godmother :o)

9.   How old were you when you 1st got drunk

haha i was a good girl i was about 15, much older than me friends so thats something at least lol

10.   Name your number 1 comfort food that never fails to leave you satisfied.

I honestly dont have a comfort food :o/

11.   What tip would you share with new bloggers/vloggers.

Dont take on too much at 1st, it can get really overwhelming & you start to panic that your not getting things done right or on time. there is no rush, just do your best, make your blog look as appealing to the eye as you can so people want to stay around & read more......

im no expert but thats how i have felt the past few weeks, trying out different blog sites & things not going how they seem to go for others made me feel really disheartened...... breathe stick at it :o)

I would like Lena Lisa & Samantha to answer the following questions please. Can you leave the link to your blog in the comments below please :o)

Here are your questions......

1.   what would you do if you won the lottery

2.   whats your most embarrassing moment

3.   if you could go back in time & change 1 thing what would it be

4.   would you ever go on big brother

5.   what did you want to be when you were little?

6.   if you could change 1 thing about yourself what would it be

7.   whats the most unusual conversation you have had

 8.   whats the last thing you dressed up as for fancy dress?

9.   whats you favourite cartoon character (we all have 1 lol)

10   if you could learn any language what would it be

11.   have you ever done something really unbelievable, only to have no one round to see it?